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Authorisation Number: 
MAPP 14396 PCS 03557
Pack size: 
3 litres
NANUM number: 
NAN 0387 of 2009
EC Emulsifiable Concentrate
Mode of action: 

A broad spectrum, systemic, translaminar and protectant fungicide that inhibits spore germination and mycelial growth. Rapidly absorbed by the assimilating parts of the plant. It is transported acropetally in the xylem. This systemic translocation contributes to good distribution of the active ingredient within the plant tissue

HEADWAY is no longer available for sale in the UK from 19 June 2019, having been subject to the EU Commission decision not to approve the renewal of the active ingredient, propiconazole. Statutory information is provided on this page through to the end of the use up period for stocks already purchased - which must be by 19 March 2020. It can still be purchased in Eire until 19 December 2019, with the concurrent use up date of 19 March 2020. Click here for more information and dates of final sales and use-up periods.


End date of sale by distributors: 
End date of use by growers: 

Managed Amenity Turf and Amenity Grassland

Legal warning

Re-entry Period

  • Repeat applications at minimum intervals of 2 weeks

Hazard Statements

  • “H319 Causes serious eye irritation H360Df May damage the unborn child. Suspected of damaging fertility. H410 Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.”

Precautionary Statements

  • Keep out of reach of children Obtain special instruction before use Wear eye/face protection If exposed or concerned get medical advice Collect spillage Dispose of contents to a licensed hazardous waste disposal contractor or collection site. Empty clean containers can be disposed of as non-hazardous waste

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Wear suitable protective gloves Wear eye protection/face protection

Other Restriction of Use

Do not breath spray, wash all splashes from skin and eyes, wash hands and exposed skin before eating and drinking.

Tank mixing

See Art of Application: tank mixing sequence

Tank mix preparation

Consult and comply with the recommendations of the partner products. Each product should be added separately to the bulk of the water in the spray tank and thoroughly mixed before adding the next chemical

Implementation particular terms

Always use constant agitation of the sprayer tank during mixing, transportation and application.

Mixing and spraying

Half fill the spray tank with the required volume of clean water and start agitation. Add the required amount of Banner Maxx to the spray tank. Agitate the mixture thoroughly before use and continue agitation during spraying.

Water volume

250-1000 litres water/ha


Typical spray pressure is 2-4 bars.


1 hour

Frost sensitivity


Tank mix lifespan

Spray immediately.

Tank mix stability


Type Title Description
To preserve the environment

Prevent spray drift.

Do not use with risk of drift onto neighbouring apple, crab apple, cherry, plum trees or privet. Do not apply when ground is frozen or during drought.

  • In the event of a Toxic or Transport Emergency in the UK please telephone 01484 538 444 at any time