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Pest Tracker back for 2020 vision of emergence

Customer Insight
Cockchafer maybug

Pest Tracker is back for 2020, to record the emergence of adults of the key chafer species and crane fly.

Knowing which species are present, and when they will be laying eggs, is essential for the optimum timing of Acelepryn applications, to target the early stages of larvae activity after egg hatch.  

First sightings were seen on 17 April last year, with a surge in reporting from 10 May.

You can see the results and analysis from Glenn Kirby on the GreenCast Advisory Blog here.

There's a great map to show what appeared and when for both chafers and last year's more prevalent crane fly, emerging from leatherjackets.

This season, clearly fewer people are currently physically active on the golf course and managing turf, but there is still a really positive action in recording and reporting chafer pest activity,

Daddy Long Legs - Crane Fly

Furthermore, Pest Tracker is urgently seeking reports of no chafer or crane fly activity - which is crucial to identify when first adults are seen and if that can be correlated to a Growing Day Degree calculator, or other trigger indicator. 

"Pest Tracker is a really positive activity to get involved with, wherever you are over the lockdown period," urged Glenn. 

"Every report is helping to build up the picture of where insects are present and how we can better tackle the damaging pest, through the most appropriate treatments timings where they are required."  

Click here to find out more, check out the ID Guide - and start your reporting


Pest Tracker logo and heat map