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Love.Golf sets up Jenni Falconer for GolfSixes

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1024 x 576 - Jenni Falconer GolfSixes
Jenni Falconer gets set to take part in the GolfSixes ProAm this weekend - just months after she got into golf with the Love.Golf programme

TV celebrity, Jenni Falconer, is set to take part in the GolfSixes Pro-Am competition, being held at The Centurion Club near St Albans. Jenni only took up golf a few months ago, thanks to the programme and @PGAsofEurope

The whole coaching programme, instigated and supported by Syngenta, is designed to get women into golf and out on the course within hours of first picking up a club. It's fun and engaging - just like GolfSixes.

Centurian Club Golf Sixes

You can follow the whole weekend's golf on Sky Sport Golf - with 12 hours of live coverage. The format of GolfSixes is fun and furious, bringing a whole new audience to the game.

Under the spotlight you'll also see the great work of Centurion Club Superintendent, Andy Garland, and his team in setting up a great looking course for the event. Take a close look at the great colour and appearance of the course, and over the next few weeks we'll let you into a secret of one of the new techniques he's been using to achieve it.

Andy Garland

Find out more here or follow @GolfSixes

You can also follow more of Jenni's experiences @jennifalconer or her facebook page with some great videos of and why she's smitten with the game.    

Jenni Falconer