Buy new Syngenta Turf Nozzles and Art of Application kit here

Buy new Syngenta Turf Nozzles and Art of Application kit here

You can now buy the Syngenta Turf Nozzles and other Art of Application tools direct from Syngenta by calling:

0800 652 4215

Details of the Syngenta Art of Application tools and prices are as follows:

Syngenta Turf XC Nozzles

XC Nozzle set 

£130.00 per set of 13. Please specify nozzle size required: 025; 04 or 08*. P&P £3.00

Syngenta Calibration Checker System

Calibration Checker System in use


P&P £4.00

Syngenta  Nozzle Height Indicators

Boom Height Indicator working


P&P £2.00

Syngenta Art of Application DVD

Art of Application DVD


P&P £2.00

Syngenta Art of Application Kit

Contains one set of the Syngenta Turf Folliar Nozzles (13), along with a Syngenta Calibration Checker System, pair of Nozzle Height Indicators, DVD and full instructions.


P&P £5.00


*04 Nozzles avaiable from January 2013; 025 and 08 sized XC Nozzles will be available soon.

New nozzle cap fitings to enable use of Syngenta Turf XC Nozzles with Toro and Hardi sprayers. Also allows use of all other international standard nozzles.

Hardi sprayer adapters   Hardi replacement caps £2.50 each

P&P £3.00 per order

Hypro standard bayonet and washer

Hypro Bayonet white background

£25 for 10 (£2.50 each) including P&P

 £1 for 10 washers including P&P

* All prices are subject to VAT. Credit card details required.

To order call 0800 652 4215.