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Rescue Grass ID Guide

Rescue Grass ID Guide

Accurate identification of grass species in your existing sward is essential before the use of Rescue to determine:

(a) Which grasses will be removed

(b) How much turf cover will be removed

(c) Which grasses will be left

(d) The need for over seeding

The easy to use Syngenta Grass Identification Guide, produced in conjunction with specialists from the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI), provides a quick and reliable means to accurately assess the main turf grass species. The Syngenta Grass ID Guide is uniquely designed to help identify grass species in closely mown turf. Following a route of characteristic physiological features you will be able to determine the grass species present, and make a visual assessment of the sward composition.

Use the pages below as an online guide to grass identification, or cick on the relevant grass to download a printable pdf of the individual page, including further details.

If you would like to receive a weatherproof printed copy of the Rescue Grass ID Guide please email your details to: [email protected].