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Watch a Webinar to introduce Acelepryn - hosted in association with BIGGA

Product Update
Acelepryn webinar screen
Find out more about the new Emergency Authorisation for Acelepryn in a Webinar recorded by Rod Burke and Marcela Munoz of Syngenta, with BIGGA Chief Executive, Jim Croxton, highlighting the organisation's support to champion greenkeepers' case

Watch the webinar to understand how to identify and monitor chafer grubs and leatherjackets activity and learn about their life cycle to understand the thresholds for treatment.  

We will introduce Acelepryn, when it is appropriate to use Acelepryn, how it acts and its spectrum of control and most importantly best use advice and optimum timing for each pest and application techniques to help achieve good results.

Watch the webinar now 


BIGGA Chief Executive, Jim Croxton, explains how the organisation recognised the very strong need for a new solution in the golf industry, where the lack of effective control for Chafer grubs and Leatherjackets had left members struggling and facing tough pressures from their clubs.

"We worked closely with Syngenta, STRI and others from across the industry, for several years, to assure a science-based solution that meets regulatory scrutiny, and would be an effective new option in the toolbox for our members" he reported. 

 Download the Acelepryn best practice presentation here 4.34 mb 

Find out more about the Acelepryn Emergency Authorisation